Using a cold compress to get rid of acne. Acne is generally caused due to an over production of an oily sebum by the sebaceous glands in your skin. This clogs the pores in your skin, which in result prevents your skin from cleaning itself on the inside. As a result of this, bacteria begin to settle in parts on your skin, which results in the growth of acne. For people who suffer from blemishes, pimples and zits on their faces, life can fast turn in to a nightmare. Acne is most prominent on the face, and as it tends to grow, it really leaves a negative impact on your overall beauty and outlook.

How to get rid of pimples using a cold compress

How to get rid of pimples using a cold compress

Many people try to squeeze pimples out and remove zits by scratching them. Pus begins to form inside your pimples, and by pinching them, you are able to squeeze it out. However, there is a chance that a permanent mark might be left on your skin in the aftermath of your pinching. Have you woken up in the morning and found a lot of marks and zits on your face? This might be the first sign of an outbreak of acne on your face. How to get rid of acne overnight and once and for all? Here are a few tips:

Using a cold compress to get rid of pimples

What is a cold compress? As the name suggests, the cold compress is a technique in which you have to use an ice cube (usually wrapped up in a cloth) on the pimples. Cold compresses are commonly regarded as being highly effective in the short run, and you will soon begin to notice a decrease in the amount of acne on your face. Now, you might be wondering how a simple ice cube can help in reducing an acne outbreak? Here’s why;

Since you already know how acne is caused, it is important for you to understand how to limit it. By applying ice on the area which is showing signs of an acne outbreak, you will reduce the pimples that are forming underneath your skin, forcing them to come out. As these pimples begin to come out, you can just squeeze them and allow the pus to flow out. The cold compress creates a contracting effect on your skin, reducing the amount of oily sebum that is generated by your glands, which ultimately reduces the growth of acne on your skin.

Cold compresses are a great option for people who are looking to reduce the growth of pimples on their face. However, the thing is, you can’t completely cut down on your acne outbreak by just using a cold compress, which is why it is important for you to make use of other treatments as well. A cold compress might be a quick way of reducing your acne growth, but in order to fully combat it, you will require the use of other ointments, treatment masks or the use of natural products such as lemon or baking soda. Here’s a brief recap:

-          Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel.

-          Apply to the acne infested area till it gets to normal temperature.

-          Repeat for thirty minutes daily.

You can easily create a cold compress at home by wrapping some ice cubes in a cloth, and then  use it to get the pimples underneath your skin out, or to reduce the expansion of pimples already on your skin. Once the pimples are out on your skin, you can then lance them in order to clear them out.

Get rid of pimples using a Cold compress technique

Get rid of pimples using a Cold compress technique


A cold compress is a small, homemade solution for people who are suffering from a lot of acne on their faces. If you have to worry about pimples, zits and blemishes on your face all the time, using a cold compress might help in preventing the outbreak of acne, and also making sure that the pimples beneath your skin are brought out to the surface, where you can easily lance them.

In order to create a cold compress, all you require are a few ice cubes and a piece of cloth. Wrap the piece of cloth over the ice cubes, and then apply it on your skin. Do not keep it for long, since it might begin to hurt, but gently move it around the acne infected area for the best results. You will soon see a significant reduction in your pimples.

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